Head Coach and Founder of IAM226

My dad passed away when he was 38years old of cancer. I was 9years old. When I was approaching 38yrs old, I found myself over weight approaching 16stone and burning out point through having a high pressured job. I was not the person I should be. I deserved more. I had to prove that at when I turned 38 I would be the opposite to my Dad - I would be the fittest I could be.

I needed a big challenge that was so insane and not normal behaviour to give me that needed motivation to change my life around. I had heard of Ironman and how you had to learn to be strong not just at one discipline, but three - swimming, cycling and running.

Perfect! I could not swim or run and weighed nearly 16stone, but I could ride a bike. So I signed up for Ironman Frankfurt in 2012 and gave myself 12months to train. On 8th July 2012, I became an Ironman with my son, wife and mum at the finish line!

I have never looked back and Ironman saved me in many ways. I have now an Ironman All World Athlete with a PB of 10hrs:32mins and completed 8x Ironman including Lanzarote which is the toughest in the world. It has given me the confidence that anything is possible. I want to share this experience and belief with others.

My training principles are based people with normal lives and like to go outside the "normal" plans and do something fun, unique, individual and unconventional.


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