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Whether your goal is to be healthier, more productive at work or life in general, lose weight, finish a 5k or triathlon. Through technology and human insights we automate an online program that gets to know you, lifestyle, your goals and what motivates you to be a happier version of yourself. Our system develops a IAM226 plan using 2x2x6 program which includes 2x physical activities 2x Mental Challenges every 6 days.

The IAM226 is not a clinical mental health program. Please contact a recognised organisation such as NHS, Samaritans, Mind, YourlifeCounts which offer dedicated support and treatment. 



We believe people and the world needs more positivity, more opportunities for all, and more happiness. Creating a movement of empowering every human with good wellness and mental health will help us make the world better. 

​This is why....we are on a mission to get every human doing 2 physical and 2 mental challenges every 6 days to be a happier version of themselves. IAM226

After you complete this form, within 7days you will receive a 226 program checklist to follow.

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